Classroom Visits

A fun visit with Ms. Turner's class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary to chat about plastic pollution. They are already amazing advocates in the mission to reduce single use plastic pollution including authoring and illustrating a book, and developing a rap about plastic pollution! They advocated for the school to ditch plastic bags for delivering breakfast items to classrooms, and switch to reusable totes, saving more than 56,000 bags each year! 

Resources for Teachers - Video Screenings

STRAWS Film Screenings & Discussions


Plastic Free Delaware can bring this 30 minute film to your group & follow up with discussion.

Bag It! Film Screenings & Discussion


 This 45 minute film focuses on the plastic bag issue but also covers a wide array of single-use plastic issues. 

Resources for School Curricula - Visiting Programs

Speakers Bureau


We would be delighted to present to your school class or any gathering of interested citizens 6 to 106!

Journey to Life Under the Sea - School Visits


A presentation that takes students on an intellectual journey from the ocean to their neighborhood. It covers Ocean Ecology, human impacts and some solutions students can carry out now to help reduce negative impacts such as plastics. The presentation also emphasizes the role of scientific fact and technology.  


Plastic & Coral


A look at the beauty of Coral and beyond to the role they play to life on our planet.  Develop an understanding that Coral Reefs are suffering in part from the production of plastic because of the pollution it causes.  What are the problems and what solutions are being used?


VIDEOS - FILMS - BOOKS for teachers' use




Plastic Pollution Coalition.  Open Your Eyes narrated by Jeff Bridges (3:55 minutes)

Food Service and Plastic Pollution in General  Not as graphic.  Climate Lab S1E9 "Take Out Creates a Lot of Trash.  It Doesn't Have To." (7:02 Minutes)

“The Story of Bottled Water” by Annie Leonard (8:04 minutes)



“The Majestic Plastic Bag Mockumentary” Narrated by Jeremy Irons.  Younger kids may not get. (3.59 minutes)

Short music video:  Use Less Plastic to Save our Ocean (1:48 minutes)  Upbeat Blondie like band singing.

Plastic Pollution and how humans are turning the world into plastic - In this video is a segment on a comparison of plastic bags to cotton reusable bags. 

“All the Way to the Ocean” by Joel Harper hardcover book and a 14:21 minute YouTube video for K-3rd or 4th grades

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Ocean Pollution Awareness.  (shows 5 Patches now there are 7 as they are adding the Caribbean Sea and Arctic Ocean)  

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Explained


“A Plastic Ocean” - currently on Netflix/library system has copies 

“Bag It” – library system has copies/Amazon. Plastic Free Delaware can also provide, email (45 minutes)

“STRAWS” - Plastic Free Delaware can provide, email (30 minutes)

“A Plastic Paradise” –Amazon Streaming Rental

“Inside the Garbage of the World” library system has copies

“Water and Power: A California Heist” Amazon streaming

“Happening-A Clean Energy Revolution” HBO


Before The Flood

Mission Blue

Plastic Ocean


“All the Way to the Ocean” by Joel Harper hardcover book and a 14:21 minute YouTube video  K-3rd or 4th grades


  • Including  High School Program 9-12 grades: “Buy, Use, Toss- A Closer Look At The Things We Buy”.   Made in collaboration with Facing the Future, “Buy, Use, Toss?” is an interdisciplinary unit that includes ten fully-planned lessons.This unit is correlated with national science and social studies standards and will lead your students through an exploration of the system of producing and consuming goods that is called the materials economy. Students will learn about the five major steps of... 

Colorado Green Star Zero Waste for Schools

Central Vermont Zero Waste:

Ocean Conservancy and NOAA Marine Debris Program:

Use their 10 question pre-survey as a guide to class discussions.

Plastic Free Campus: