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Gratefully excerpted from Jan Dell, The Last Beach Cleanup

HIGHLIGHTED NEWS, APRIL 2019: Several states are just steps away from banning foam containers: Maryland, Maine, Colorado, Oregon, New Jersey among those vying to pass first-in-the-nation policy

US Chemical/Plastics Industry:

US Regulatory: Californians Against Waste (CAW) website summarizes harms of polystyrene and local bans. NCEL website has a map of proposed US plastics-related legislation including polystyrene. New York City Sanitation Department Determination for Recyclability of Food-Service Foam is a superb reference (link here). 

Global News: Updated Survey Global EPS Foam Container Laws 

Fast Food Companies: Updated Survey of use of EPS Foam – Plastic Pollution Coalition’s Global Fast Food Plastic Survey.

US Colleges: Updated Survey of use of EPS Foam – The Last Beach Cleanup’s U.S. College Plastic Survey.

EPS Foam Container Harms:


Headlines Promoting False Facts, Solutions & Confusion: